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Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7

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Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7

Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7
Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7
Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: Fuyang Biotechnology
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: $999.00 - $1,400.00/Metric Tons
Packaging Details: 25kgs per bag, 20MT in a 20FCL without pallets, or 850kgs per bag, 17MT in a 20FCL with pallets
Supply Ability: 10000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7

CAS No.: 99-20-7 Other Names: Mycose
MF: C12H22O11 EINECS No.: C12H22O11
FEMA No.: C12H22O11 Type: Antioxidants, Enzyme Preparations, Flavoring Agents, Preservatives, Stabilizers, Sweeteners
Grade: Food Grade.pharmaceutical Grade Port: Qingdao
High Light:

Biotechnology Organic Trehalose


Organic Trehalose powder CAS 99-20-7


CAS 99 20 7

CAS 99-20-7 trehalose powder hot sell trehalose price factory price

Application in the food industry:

A. Prevent starch aging

The use of starch food, placed at room temperature or low temperature, will be due to the aging of starch and hard, loose, white turbidity and other phenomena, resulting in the decline of quality, especially frozen food, starch aging phenomenon is more significant. In the past, it was used to add sugar, enzyme preparation, emulsifier and other methods to inhibit the aging of starch, but these methods are not perfect, overall, adding sugar is more effective. When 12% starch solution was mixed with 2% sugar in equal amount, the gelatinized solution was stored in 4, and the aging rate of starch was taken as the turbidity ratio before and after preservation for 12h. Comparing the effect of preventing starch aging of sucrose, maltose and trehalose, it was found that the effect of adding trehalose was far more than that of other sugars. Therefore, the use of trehalose can inhibit the aging of starch, improve quality, for the use of frozen to circulation of food, trehalose can be widely used in the future

B. Prevent protein denaturation Take the egg protein as protein, add 5% sugar in it and freeze it at -20 for 5d, take the turbidity ratio before freezing and after thawing as the denaturation rate of protein, compare the anti-protein denaturation effect of sucrose, maltose and trehalose, it can also be found that trehalose has the best anti-protein denaturation effect. In addition, milk casein is heated for a long time, with the denaturation of the protein will coagulate and thus precipitate. For example, when the Chemicalbook coffee of milk coffee was adjusted to be stored at 55 for 4 weeks, the aggregation of milk casein was clearly seen in the milk coffee with refined refined sugar, but when a quarter of refined refined sugar was replaced with trehalose, the milk casein was very stable and almost no protein aggregation was seen. It can be seen from the above that trehalose has the effect of preventing protein denaturation or making it stable. In the future, trehalose can be fully used in protein-containing food and various enzyme preparations, medical drugs and other fields.

C. Correction of taste and odour The third function of trehalose is that it has the special effect of correcting taste and odour. When about 2% trehalose is added to the low salt soy sauce, the taste is immediately increased, and the taste can be matched with the strong soy sauce. However, most of the trehalose's role in this regard is to mask unpleasant smells and tastes, or to make them move in a downward direction. For example, the bitter taste of grapefruit and aloe vera, the raw smell of soy milk and eggs, the smell of heat, stale rice, and so on. In these foods, as long as the addition of a small amount of trehalose, its bitter or odor can be greatly improved. There are many such foods whose quality can be affected by their subtle taste or smell. Therefore, trehalose will have great use value in this respect in the future. D. Keep food tissue fresh Storage of vegetables, fruits, cereals, due to enzymatic or non-enzymatic factors will cause Browning, softening, thus reducing the freshness. To this end, often use preheating treatment or chemical agents and other countermeasures. For example, in order to prevent the Browning of apples by Chemicalbook, they are often soaked in salt water, but sometimes they may feel salty or the taste may be affected by softening of tissues, which is difficult to achieve satisfactory results. In this case, if you soak the apples in a 5% trehalose solution, not only do you prevent Browning, but the tissues feel good. Trehalose is not only for apples, cucumbers, radishes and other fresh fruits and vegetables, cabbage, cucumber salted products and so on also play a fresh use. In addition, it also has the function of keeping fresh and prolonging life for the picked roses. E. Non-caries It has been proved that trehalose is not used by dental caries. When the pH of tartar was observed within 30 minutes after ingesting trehalose chocolate, it was found that the pH did not drop below 5.7. Although trehalose is not a sugar alcohol but a sugar, it cannot be used as a source material for sugar-free foods, but the above-mentioned non-carious properties are of the same significance as sugar alcohols. In the future, it can be used as non-caries sugar sweetener for hobby food and beverage.


Applications in molecular biology The protective effect of trehalose on dried biological products makes it very useful in the field of biochemical products. If more products can be developed for storage and use at room temperature, the cost of biochemical products can be greatly reduced. Trehalose technology has been applied to the most unstable restriction enzymes, allowing them to be stored at room temperature for a considerable period of time without loss of activity, and may also lead to the introduction of new biochemical tools such as automated dry pool or dry PRC reaction kits.


In terms of cosmetics: Now, used in cosmetics is mainly trehalose derivatives, trehalose in Japan because of its own show moisture has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health as a new specification of cosmetics raw materials. For example, it can be used in skin cosmetics such as facial cleanser, with Chemicalbook to inhibit dry skin; Can be used as lip balm, oral refreshing agent, oral aromatic agent and other components of sweetener, taste improver, quality improver. In addition, anhydrous trehalose can be used as a dehydrating agent for phospholipids and enzymes in skin creams, for example.

Item Standards
Appearance White to off-white powder
Assay ≥98%
Loss on drying ≤1.5%
Residue on ignition ≤0.05%
PH 5.0-6.7
Arsenic ≤0.5mg/kg
Lead ≤0.5mg/kg
Color ≤0.1
Turbidity of solustion ≤0.05
Viable counts ≤300cfu/g
Yeasts and moulds ≤100cfu/g
Pathogenic Negative
Coliform organisms ≤30mpn/100g


Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 0

Sweetening agent D-TREHALOSE TREHALOSE CAS 99-20-7

Trehalose, also known as mycose or tremalose, is a natural alpha-linked disaccharide formed by an α,α-1,1-glucoside bond between
two α-glucose units.In 1832, H.A.L. Wiggers discovered trehalose in an ergot of rye, and in 1859 Marcellin Berthelot isolated it
from trehala manna, a substance made by weevils, and named it trehalose.
It can be synthesised by bacteria,fungi, plants, and invertebrate animals. It is implicated in anhydrobiosis — the ability
ofplants and animals to withstand prolonged periods of desiccation.
It has high water retention capabilities, and is used in food and cosmetics. The sugar is thought to form a gel phase ascells
dehydrate, which prevents disruption of internal cell organelles, by effectively splinting them in position. Rehydration then
allows normal cellular activity to be resumed without the major, lethal damage that would normally follow a
dehydration/rehydration cycle.
Trehalose has the added advantage of being an antioxidant. Extracting trehalose used to be a difficult and costly process,
Trehalose is currently being used for a broad spectrum of applications.

1. In cosmetic, semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding MachinePET Bottle Making Machine
is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
2. In medicine, it has been successfully applied trehalose alternative to plasma proteins as a stabilizer of blood products,
vaccines, cells, tissue and other biologically active substances. Not it only can dry storage under normal temperature conditions,
and more importantly, can prevent the spread of pollution caused by the blood of hepatitis B, AIDS and other deadly diseases,
attaching great importance to the World Health Organization.
3. In food, as food additives and sweeteners ,trehalose has about 45% the sweetness of sucrose at concentrations above 22%, It can
reduce the sweetness, optimize the sweet and improve the flavor.

ItemStandardAppearanceWhite Crystalline PowderPurity (Trehalose)≥98%Loss on drying≤1.5%Residue on ignition≤0.05%PH5.0-6.7Arsenic
≤0.5mg/kgLead≤0.5mg/kgColor≤0.1Turbidity of solustion≤0.05Viable counts≤300cfu/gYeasts and moulds≤100cfu/gPathogenicNegative
Coliform organisms≤30mpn/100gProduct Images:
Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 2
Other Names
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Hui Yang
Food Grade.pharmaceutical Grade
Packing & Delivery
Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 4
Fuyang Biotechnology Organic Trehalose Powder CAS 99-20-7 6
25kgs per bag, 20MT in a 20FCL without pallets, or 850kgs per bag, 17MT in a 20FCL with pallets
Company Profile

Shandong Fuyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Province, China. Our products are mainly from corn deep processing and bio-fermentation. We have five main areas in our plant including corn starch workshop, modified starch workshop, sodium gluconate workshop, CHP workshop and sewage treatment workshop. Through more than ten years of reform and development, we have occupied 40% of the Chinese market, with an annual output of 700,000 tons of corn starch, 100,000 tons of modified starch products and 150,000 tons of sodium gluconate. In 2018, the total sales reached 1.5 billion yuan, of which 30% of the export value, we are trusted by more and more domestic and foreign customers. Scientific and technological innovation is the permanent driving force for our sustainable development. We have established a provincial high standard technology center, a provincial academician workstation, Shandong Province gluconic acid derivative engineering technology research center, and established a biotechnology research base in cooperation with many famous universities in China, a bio-fermentation joint R&D center with the National Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center (Shanghai). At present, we have more than 1,000 employees, including 46 scientific research personnel (including 2 doctors, 12 masters and 26 professionals), and we have developed more than 20 series of modified starches, organic acids and sugar alcohols, obtained 15 national patents and won the title of provincial scientific achievement, and our technical level has reached international advanced level. Thereby, we have undertaken a number of national key projects such as China's major equipment research and development, National "863" Project,etc. We have passed ISO9001/ ISO14001/ ISO22000/ KOSHER/ HALA/ IFRC and many other international management system certifications. Our five-year plan is to make corn processing annual capacity reach 1 million tons, 200,000 tons of sodium gluconate, 200,000 tons of modified starch, 30,000 tons of starch-based materials and 50,000 tons of corn oil, 5,000 tons of sugar alcohol products such as D-ribose and curdlan, annual total sales reach 3 billion yuan. We are a steadily moving Chinese manufacturer, and we not only have confidence in product quality, but also have the ability to face a broader international market. Please check out our latest news on our official website and other company homepages (Twitter/ Fackbook/ Alibaba,etc), and we will always welcome your inquiry and visit .
1. who are we?
We are based in Shandong, China, start from 2009,sell to South Asia(30.00%),Southeast Asia(25.00%),South America(20.00%),North America(15.00%),Oceania(5.00%),Eastern Asia(5.00%). There are total about 1000+ people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.what can you buy from us?
Sodium Gluconate,Corn Starch,Modified Starch,Cationic Starch,Oxidized Starch

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We're the largest manufacturer of sodium gluconate and corn starch in China and have achieved 40% of Chinese market; we have established the highest standards of provincial biochemical laboratories; we have undertaken several major national key projects.

5. what services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF;
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