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Starch Has A Good Application In Medicine
Latest company news about Starch Has A Good Application In Medicine

Starch has a good application in medicine, but its application is often affected by starch swelling, dissolution, gelation, rheological properties, mechanical properties and characteristics of enzymatic digestion. Insufficient starch. Eye drops for the treatment of eye diseases, the corneal epithelium has less absorption of drugs due to low gas permeability, and the remaining liquid may cause side effects. A.P. Vieira et al. modified starch with 2-isocyanate methacrylate to obtain a polymer containing a urethane bond and a carbon-carbon double bond, which can reduce drug loss and enable the patient to find a new drug that can be continuously controlled for a long time. Curcumin has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, yet its water solubility and bioavailability are very low, and it is rapidly degraded and excreted in the body. Hailong Yu et al. showed that hydrophobically modified starch can form micelles and encapsulate curcumin into capsules to improve the solubility of curcumin and antitumor activity in vitro. Most surfactants used in medicine can disturb the normal membrane structure of the human body, leading to toxicity of the cells. Martin Kuentz et al. studied the use of octenyl succinate modified starch to obtain a surfactant-free pharmaceutical suspension with excellent technical properties to fully wet the drug and improve solubility and performance. Degradable starch microspheres can be used for local hemostasis, but not for hemostasis during major bleeding, while chemically modified degradable starch microspheres can stimulate the activation of blood clotting and trigger the binding of platelets in vitro, thereby increasing their range of hemostatic applications. . Modified starch has a major application in medicine. It can improve the solubility, flowability and compressibility of some drugs, improve the absorption of drugs by the human body, and reduce the side effects of drugs. Some new drugs can also be developed through modified starch, which is an important contribution to the cure of some intractable diseases. Medicine is related to the health of the people, social stability and economic development. Modified starch has great application value and development potential in medicine.

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