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Modified Starch Has Many Texture Properties

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Modified Starch Has Many Texture Properties

November 21, 2021
Latest company case about Modified Starch Has Many Texture Properties

Modified starch has many texture properties and is widely used in the food industry as a thickener, stabilizer, gelling agent, binder, and the like. Food is the most basic means of subsistence, and modified starch plays an important role in the food industry. People's requirements for food types, nutrition, and health have been significantly enhanced. In the food industry, modified starch is developing in a variety of products, complete specifications, safety, health, nutrition, low fat, and ecology. People are paying more and more attention to low-fat diets and increasing the intake of complex carbohydrates. Hyun-Jung Chung and other studies have found that the in vitro digestibility and glycemic index will change, the resistant starch content will increase significantly, the slow-digested starch content will decrease, and the fast-digested starch content will be significantly reduced, which can reduce the rate of blood sugar rise. The demand for instant noodles is high in the market, but the lack of stability of the original starch products, and the frying and high fat content affect the quality of the food and our health. The study found that acetylated potato starch not only increases the hardness of instant noodles but also significantly affects the cohesiveness value, and it can partially replace the low-protein wheat flour used to produce instant noodles and reduce fat intake. Enzyme modified starch can be well applied in the food industry. Enzyme modified carboxymethyl starch is applied to sausages. It is found that carboxymethyl starch can increase water retention capacity and emulsion stability in sausages, and is an ideal fat substitute for sausages. Product. Modified starch also has a good application in bread, which can reduce the deterioration rate of bread, improve the taste, and produce bread recipes with specific properties. It has been studied to apply modified starch acetylated adipic acid double starch and hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate in gluten-free bread, and found that its volume and elasticity are obvious, so that the baked product remains soft and fluffy. Modified starch is important in the emulsion system for system stability, viscosity and ability to reduce surface tension. Krystyna Prochaska and other studies have shown that the modification of starch can affect the surface activity in emulsion system and can be used as a thickener. It has been found that sodium starch octenyl succinate is highly efficient in reducing surface tension and can be used well. In the food industry.

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